1.Q: Does it have a nice noise to it ?
A: The noise doesn't come from the tip. It comes from your exhaust system.
2.Q: Is this chrome or silver?
A: It is polished stainless steel very good quality. Not chrome.
3.Question: Is the exhaust tip resonated?
Answer: No it's a straight through tip with a rolled end.
4.Question: How do you tighten clamp down?
Answer: The clamp is built in and all you have to do is tighten it up and your done.
5.Question: Can I weld these on with a standard mig welder? or do i need something special because these are stainless?
Answer: No special equipment required I used an unshielded mig welder on it. Just rough up around the edges to give better contact and adhesion where it's being welded.
6. Q: Do we need to weld on the tip?
A: To avoid loose. We suggest Welding installation type.
7. Q: Will the 3" tip fits my 3" tailpipe?
A: It will fit 3" outside diameter pipe