Performance Polyurethane Rubber Exhaust Hangers

Performance Polyurethane Rubber Exhaust Hangers

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· Length: 4.33"
· Width: 1.77"
· Thickness: 0.79"
· Hole diameter: 0.55"
· Material:Rubber

· It could prevent muffler free play while driving and less chance for exhaust leak due to exhaust system.
· Can reduce the shaking of exhaust pipe and noisy of shaking.
· It's perfect for replace old or cracked exhaust mount.
· Made of high-density rubber compound providing extra durability and strength.
· Anti-abrasive, anti high temperature and not easy damage
· Easy to install: save your money and time.

Notice: Make sure the size will fit your vehicle before order.

Rubber Exhaust HangersRubber Exhaust HangersRubber Exhaust Hangers